Coalition for FHLB Reform

The Coalition for Federal Home Loan Bank Reform is a non-partisan organization dedicated to bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders to discuss, educate and shape reforms aimed at enhancing the ability of the FHLB system to address the nation’s unmet housing and community development needs.


CFR Applauds FHFA Director Sandra Thompson for Her Testimony in the Senate Banking Committee Hearing

white concrete dome museum
white concrete dome museum

New Report Shows Federal Home Loan Banks Received $7.3 Billion in Subsidies, but Offered Little Public Benefits in Return



CFR's New Report Highlights Need for Greater Transparency in FHLBanks

The data and analysis report linked below detail record profits in 2023 driven by higher interest rates and the earnings from the investment of capital as well as operating costs that seem efficient, but need to be better explained for a system with fewer than 7,000 customers.

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grey concrete building

FHLB Dividends: Low-Hanging Fruit for Reconfiguring FHLB Lending

Read a new piece from the Yale School of Management about the need to revisit the Federal Home Loan Bank dividend practices and the lack of transparency and difficulty of ascertaining key aspects of the banks' activities.

Missed our webinar?

Watch the insightful discussion on the future of Federal Home Loan Bank reform led by some of our Coalition's experts. This webinar features an overview of the current system and what new upcoming changes could mean for affordable housing and community development. The discussion ends with a Q&A with questions from the audience.

"The Federal Home Loan banks should embrace their housing mission"

Barry Zigas' new piece in American Banker analyzes how the FHLB system has the potential to serve the nation's housing needs if they embrace the proposed FHFA reforms. He leaves readers with this call to action: "The times require a hard look at how these GSEs move forward as an important mechanism of national housing policy. Their current intransigence toward their regulator's recommendations does not serve their long-term viability, nor the urgent needs of America's homebuyers and renters."

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white concrete building

New Bloomberg Piece Exposes How FHLBanks are Fighting Reform with Money and Influence

The banks are using millions of dollars to fight back against much needed reform. Reform efforts are up against a lot of money and power, but the movement to overhaul the FHLB System is gaining traction. Read more at the link below:

The Time for Federal Home Loan Bank Reform has Come

Read founding member Peter Knight's thoughtful analysis on the once in a generation opportunity to refocus the banks' efforts supporting affordable housing and community development.

man in purple suit jacket using laptop computer
man in purple suit jacket using laptop computer

CFR Applauds New FHFA Report

Read what coalition members had to say about the proposed FHLB reforms by clicking below.

Read the full FHFA report, FHLBank System at 100, by clicking below.

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